Hyphen Mobility,

an international insurance broker focussed particularlyon the expatriate market, head-quartered in Canada, now with a Frenchsubsidiary (HMF Courtage).

Hyphen Mobility needed to find reliable, flexible and on-demandtranslators and proof-readers, specifically with international businessexperience, with a native-level French-speaking client manager.

Project Date: August 2020 – Ongoing

The solution: 

Sophie Gervais, of Hyphen Mobility, was put in touch with Alister Stone at SPT Business through a mutual connection.

SPT Business undertook to initially provide the English elements, some of which were required on very short notice, but were asked if they could also find the expertise in the other languages required due to the thorough nature of the work and the flexibility offered.

The result:

SPT Business not only provided proof-reading and translations for lengthyterms and conditions, summary of benefits documents and marketing material in 3 languages – English, French and Spanish – but were also asked to advise on marketing slogans, content and email campaigns.

The owners of Hyphen Mobility are also the owners of Avantys Health, for whom work was also undertaken, and created a French entity, HMF Courtage. The requirement is now occasional, and Hyphen Mobility know they can rely on SPT Business to provide or find the language skills they need for each specific case, irrespective of the size.