Business Services in France and the UK

On-demand expertise

Bilingual client management, project management and marketing consulting. Available on a pay-as-you-go basis, in France and the UK.

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Trusted Supplier Network

Access to a personally-vetted network of reliable and honest freelancers, SMEs and  corporate contacts. Build your custom team.

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Welcome to SPT Business Outsourced Trust and Excellence

We sit in the space between agency, supplier, employee and consultant. If you don’t want or need to hire a permanent full-time employee, then our on-demand service and reliable supplier network are perhaps the resources you’re looking for.

Below are a few areas in which we may well be able to help. Click the button below to speak to us about your needs:

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Representation in the French market
Content creation
Video, Graphics, Text
Language Learning
English + French
Social Media
Content & Strategy
App, Web, AI &
Software Development
Sales Development
& Negotiation
Retail Displays &


Local Representation – Marketing – Project Management
Language Services – Business Development

Experienced business people available to your company on a pay-as-you-go basis at an hourly or daily rate or on commission.

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View over businessman shoulder at laptop where four multiracial colleagues engaged at group meeting on-line, video conference call communicating by webcam, distant webinar, online negotiations concept

Trusted Supplier Network

Our clients and our personal contacts help you source a services supplier you can trust, or build the project team you need.

Want to develop an app or website? Trying to get your head around big data and machine learning? Unsure of your IT Management policy? Professional graphics and video content?
Develop your business in France?

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SPT Business helps your projects go further by building teams faster.

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